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Alena Zviahintsava

514-375-2338 ext. 210

Areas of Interest

Criminal Law, International Law and Intellectual Property.


  • Academy of Business Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus graduate (LL.B.), Faculty of Jurisprudence, 2001

  • Quebec University in Montreal graduate (LL.B.), Faculty of Continuing Education, 2016

  • Candidate to the Québec Bar, 2021


​Experienced attorney, having first developed her law practice in Belarus for 7 years in the criminal and civil fields, with a notable background in Family, Labor and Administrative Law, Ms. Alena Zviahintsava now aims to enrich Quebec’s legal profession as a candidate to the Quebec Bar as of 2021

Ms. Zviahintsava immigrated to Canada in 2010, without any knowledge of French, but with a great motivation to have her skills recognized as a lawyer practicing in a foreign legal system. Entering the Quebec work force as a legal assistant, she cultivated her understanding of the local legal practices and her desire for achieving her goals by climbing the professional ladder from within. Inspired by the concepts of human rights protection, public awareness and procedural equity, Ms. Zviahintsava is a proponent of the concept that each individual is entitled to trustworthy and professional legal support, of the highest quality. To that end, Ms. Zviahintsava models her work around the motto that the life principles of all relations are balance, patience, and respect for the mankind, wherein values such as freedom of speech, freedom of opinion and social diversity can be cultivated.

Ms. Zviahintsava’s ideologies are practiced with the careful balance of one’s needs and priorities, respecting the proportionality of the most favorable results based on reliable and auspicious information

Ms. Zviahintsava is proficient in English, French and Russian.

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